Lamp & Pencil brings creative & technical together.

Lamp & Pencil makes the theatrical magic & wow moments for productions & live events worldwide. From wands for Harry Potter to 47,176 individual LEDs that bring the set of SiX to life, our work is a mix of creative interpretation, technical design, engineering & manufacturing techniques. We sit between departments & must understand not only the technology but also the scenic, prop, costume & other requirements. Our work spans all theatre types, from plays, musicals, opera, & ballet to community theatre as well as live events.

In addition to production work, we provide key services & training to venues such as the Royal Opera House, National Theatre & Royal Albert Hall. This includes supply, installation & maintenance of specialist equipment & systems. It involves extending & updating networking, servicing & repairing complex control systems & even manufacturing replacement parts where items are out of production but irreplaceable with modern technology.

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We are really pleased to be the UK partner for RC4 wireless.  Check out our products page for more information.