Learning new skills, expanding or updating your knowledge and refreshing your memory are vital to a successful and satisfying career.  A lot of this we do every day just by working with other people, using equipment in new ways and getting the show on.  For some things we need some structured training.

Lamp & Pencil is working closely with other training providers to develop industry specific structured training that guides delegates from the basics to the most advanced topics and provides access to ongoing updates.

We have some of our own courses which have been specifically written for the industries that we work in.  These have been delivered to people from college students to seasoned professionals and can be adapted to suit your needs.  They can be delivered at your site or we can organise a venue for you.  All of our trainers have teaching experience and actively work in the area that they are teaching about – we believe that this is important.

We have also provided some links to other training that you might want to consider.